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April 20 2018 7:55:56 pm 
Welcome to The Home Improvemet Guide Header

 Welcome to "The Home Improvement Guide!"
advertiser small imagesThis may be a relatively new web site, but by no means a new company, we are a subsidiary of Multigraphics cc which has been in business for some years now. Established in 1985 we have been a part of the advertising, reproduction, and conventional print industry and in February 2005 we decided to branch into “The Wave of the Future”, the "World Wide Web."

The idea behind this site is to make home improvement easier for the home owner by making advertising simpler and far less expensive for our advertisers. We also offer innovative ways of conducting business, such as online queries and advert animation, (these are things that just were not possible in conventional advertising) allowing you the advertiser to promote your product more effectively to the home improvement market.

As this website is available 24/7 and is easily accessed by millions of people and businesses involved in home improvement each day, we endeavor to make our site as helpful as possible, by having an intuitive search facility for your potential client. This makes more sense than scouring through hordes of home improvement magazines, and making company comparisons in a snap. No more small home improvement ads.

Lets stand together in creating a paper free society.